What is Chair-Man?

Chair-Man is a one-man uk based mobile game studio dreamed up by me (David Morris) and is currently being run out of my bedroom. My vision for Chair-Man is simple to create small well-designed games for your mobile device. Growing up with cerebral palsy and being a full- time wheelchair user games have always been something I have really loved as they are easily accessible for me.

About six years ago because of my passion for games, I decided to try and make my own games using unity. The first game I ever released was called (Dangerous Heights) I don't recommend searching for it as its really bad. Thankfully since then, I've become much better at making games so much so that I've decided to start up my own studio (probably an overconfident move I know.)I've got big ideas for Chair-Man so please play my mobile games and maybe one day I'll be able to move out of my bedroom.